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This is one of the most welcoming and calming places I have ever been. Andrea is very knowledgeable and makes everyone who walks in the door feel like family. 

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Kae Apothecary is a magical place where everyone is warmly welcomed by Andrea. Teas, body products, candles, books, metaphysical items, or even educational workshops and classes- you can find a little bit of everything in this charming and community-centered shop.

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We’re so fortunate to have this gem in our town! Kae Apothecary is a warm, inviting environment for anyone looking to learn more about natural living and feel a bit healthier. Our family’s a big fan of the herbal teas (and mama loves the facial masks!), but we often think of this shop for great custom gift ideas too. We love the workshops and meditation practices in this down to earth, approachable space! And the products are either made by hand in-house or selected with local and quality in mind. All around, worth finding!

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The Apothecary is a special place. Not only are the products chosen and presented in a thoughtful and intentional manner to bring interest and spark imagination and joy, but the space itself and the people that it draws are unique. What a treasure to have in our wonderful little town. The classes, the information, the wonderful sense of community and of course Andrea make this a very special place indeed. Bravo!

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Ellen W.

One day, I walked into the apothecary and described a small issue I was having. Andrea pulled down a few books, got to work, and ten minutes later she handed me a bag of tea that solved my problem! Kae Apothecary is a dream come true!

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