Wooden Pixels Puzzles
Wooden Pixels Puzzles
Wooden Pixels Puzzles
Wooden Pixels Puzzles
Wooden Pixels Puzzles

Wooden Pixels Puzzles

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New from Wise Elk Toy Company - Pixel Puzzles! 


ECO-FRIENDLY: pixel art are made of very high-quality tree species such as sycamore and beech. These trees are grown in an ecologically clean area in the Carpathian Mountains. All parts of pixel art kit are covered with a special non-toxic odorless paint which is safe for children.

EDUCATIONAL: The Wise Elk pixel art kit is both funny and educational. Pixel mosaic art kits consists of colorful cubes, with which you can make 7 different window art. 5 pictures are given in instruction, and 2 others are hidden and will be understandable by a child only then the whole pixel beads is completely assembled. AND you can also make your own creations as well!

Wise Elk pixels art is a great gift for kids from ages 5 to 11. Also, pixel mosaic kits fit adults and could be a great activity for a whole family.


Several Style Options to choose from: 

  • Space 250 Piece
  • Magic 250 Piece
  • Animals 250 Piece
  • Pirates 400 Piece
  • Kingdom 700 Piece
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