Gifting Cards
Gifting Cards
Gifting Cards
Gifting Cards

Gifting Cards

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Add a touch of magic to your gifts this holiday season with these exquisite cards from Open Sea. These beautiful Victorian designs are worthy of framing! 


To help you pick the perfect card, here are some magical references for each:

Apple: Blessings and Abundance, Eternal Youth, Feminine Power, The Five Elements, Love, Self-Acceptance, Sweetness, Unicorn Alignment, Wand Making

Fig: Attraction, Divination, Fertility and Potency, Grounding, Luck, Magical Power, Remote Communication, Travel, Vitality

Nautilus: cleansing, purification, and healing. Known for deflecting negative energies, and purifying the surrounding space and attracts loving energies.

Peach: Health, Immortality, Protection, Positive Energy



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