Herbs for Magic and Spells

Herbs for Magic and Spells

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Herbs can be used in many ways in our magic! Tea can be made and sipped, sachets can be crafted to harness the energy of the herbs for spells - the list is literally endless! 

Here are a few of our favorite herbs for magic:

HibiscusIn spiritual practices throughout the world hibiscus flowers are associated with love and are said to be quite potent an aphrodisiac, as well as being useful in spells and rituals to attract love and lust.

Juniper Berry - An active magical ingredient use to guard against theft & build an energy of protection, Juniper also works to awaken creativity, activating the throat chakra & helping one to find the true joy in self expression. 

Fenugreek - Used to focus intention and attention. Other magical properties include protection and grounding.

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