Spell Candles


These mini, unscented candles are perfect for rituals, prayers, blessings and spell work. Work with the power of the colors to enhance your work.

Each order includes 5 candles of the same color.

Burn time two hours

4 inches tall

Candle holders sold separately.


Quick Color Magic Reference: 

Red: Courage, Passion, Attraction, Danger & Power

Orange: Luck, Vitality, Stamina, Fun, Optimism & Energy

Yellow: Mental Clarity, Confidence, Accuracy & Positivity

Green: Healing, Fertility, Growth, Restoration & Abundance

Blue: Communication, Peace, Harmony, Wisdom & Truth

Purple: Magic, Intuition, Divination, Expansion & Wisdom

Brown: Grounding, Stability, Emotional Balance & Trust

Gray: Neutrality, Balance, Protection & Wisdom

Black: Banishing, Security, Sophistication, Endings & Unconsciousness

White: Surrender, Clarity, Purity & Simplicity. All encompassing, when in doubt use White