Anti-Anxiety Roll-On
Anti-Anxiety Roll-On

Anti-Anxiety Roll-On

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One of our best-sellers! This convenient roller bottle is packed with a one-two-punch for those stressful moments. This blend calms, promotes positive energy, and can even instill feelings of healthy nostalgia in memories.  When you're dealing with anxiety, the flood of 'fight or flight' hormones, like cortisol, can overwhelm the brain, inducing faster heart rates and other symptoms. So, we especially love the balancing energy of clary sage, calming properties of rosemary and cedarwood all rounded out with the serene sesquiterpene-packed power of vetiver. (Sesquiterpenes are happy little chemical constituents found in some essential oils that can assist in delivering oxygen across the blood-brain barrier - especially helpful as you find your ground again.) We may not be able to take your stress away. But we are honored by the testimonials of how people are using this roller in their daily lives to keep on rockin'.


jojoba oil & essential oils of rosemary, patchouli, clary sage, vetiver, and texas cedarwood

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