Herbal Healing

A Lifestyle Change Turned Opportunity.

In 2009, Andrea was diagnosed with celiac disease. In an effort to ease her symptoms, she began a series of lifestyle changes that included the elimination of gluten from her diet and daily use. To her astonishment, finding gluten-free bath and skin products was very difficult, so she began making them herself. Pretty soon she was perfecting her own recipes and sharing samples with friends and family.  The rest, as they say, is history. 

A Safe, Natural Solution for your Family.

After Andrea opened the Apothecary, it was clear she would need to expand her product line to meet the growing demand. Building upon years of experience and training with herbalists, spiritualists and yoga masters, Andrea became a Reiki practitioner, pursued training in Yin Yoga, joined the American Herbalists Guild and trained in Sound Healing. Leaning into her intuition and penchant for healing, she now specializes in consultations and develops custom tea blends to ease a variety of symptoms from body aches, to anxiety and insomnia.   

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Nourishing the Body and Spirit.

Following a lifelong interest in divination, Andrea is now offering Numerology Readings for those interested in exploring their numerological vibrations, potentials and patterns. To strengthen her approach to coaching and consultation, she is also studying with UK psychotherapist, astrologer and teacher, Mark Jones. This combination offers her an opportunity to synthesize her knowledge of body and spirit and develop a unique approach to her consultations. 

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