How our Kae Products Come to Life

There’s a bit of magic in each of our products.

Tell me about your in-house products with the Kae Apothecary label.

Most of our herbal tea blends have a story behind them and were originally created for my closest friends and family members. Today, each product that carries a Kae label was created to meet a specific need for someone special. I believe the magic is in the creation process and I give my full attention to each batch; infusing them with magic and love.

How is the magic infused within the creation process?

Not only is every ingredient as fresh as possible when you select it from the shelf, many products are created in small batches. How small? Sometimes only 3 or 4 at a time! Creating in small batches allow me to focus my energy on the ingredients and on you.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • From selection of each ingredient to the timing of production, elements of energy work and magic go into every aspect of the final product.
  • Each item is infused with Reiki Energy; which means while I am blending and creating, I am focusing on my intentions and what the final product will do for YOU!

A Kae Fact: Some items are created only during specific moon cycles that occur every few months.

Did the pandemic have any impact on the Kae Products?

The pandemic took a toll on some of our products with the Kae Apothecary label. It’s been difficult to find some of the ingredients and sometimes even bottles are out of stock. For now, all Kae Apothecary label self-care products are on hold. Stay tuned, as soon as I am able to get a steady supply of materials, they will be back on the site and on our shelves.


How do you choose the products you carry?

For the most part, I choose things that I love and use in my daily life and practice. I also place high value on the makers of the product. Why? I want to be sure the energy of the product comes from an authentic place right from the get-go and is conscious af.

Locally Sourced Magic Makers.

When I have the chance, I buy local. Many of the products you find at Kae are sourced from folks right here in Iowa. Before selecting a new line, I connect with the makers and let my intuition decide if the product is a good fit for Kae Apothecary. I put a good deal of time and attention into buying from reputable sources, so you never have to wonder what’s in our products. If you’re curious about where we get something, just ask! I love talking about the makers behind the magic!


How are you conscious af?

Kae is committed to reducing the use of plastics.

  • Our herbal tea blends come in reusable metal tins that you can bring back to the shop for a refill.
  • Online refill orders of herbal teas will arrive in your mailbox in a nondescript (less ink usage) plant based, “plastic” compostable bag. These bags are not meant for storage, but intended to be tossed into the compost bin, garden or planter to help generate that ooey-gooey good soil!
  • Our suppliers are conscious af, too! When I place orders, I ensure our suppliers use sustainable packaging materials when they ship their items to the shop. I then reuse most of those materials when I ship the items to you. Reuse! Reuse! Reuse!
  • Speaking of packing materials, your online order will arrive safely with the help of dissolvable “peanuts.” These biodegradable and compostable peanuts keep your items secure and give back to the planet. Want a fun project for the kids? Toss some of these peanuts in water for a disappearing act, or stack them up like building blocks.

Our Goal is to be 100% Plastic Free by the End of 2022.


Any tips on caring for Kay Apothecary blends, oils and liquids?

After you take your products home, store them in a dry location (so, not the bathroom cabinet) and for the liquid based products, give them a good shake before each use.

While you are shaking them, why not add a little magic? Think about the product, and what it’s going to do for you, this puts your OWN energy and intention into the mix.

How long do products generally keep?

No need to wait for that “special day” to use our products. Open and use immediately for optimum effectiveness and flavor. We don’t use preservatives or parabens (eewww…) so our products need to be enjoyed within three or four months.


No claims are made as to any medicinal value of these formulas, products or oils. Products, information, and descriptions presented here are for educational purposes of the traditional uses of essential oils only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information should not be used as a substitute for medical counseling with a healthcare professional. Individuals with serious illnesses should consult with their health care provider.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent. It is important to check specific safety data. Keep out of reach of children, the elderly and pets. For external use only. Avoid contact with mucus membranes and eyes. If any essential oils have contact with your eye, wash out with a vegetable oil such as olive oil, not water.

Some oils may cause skin irritation in people with sensitive skin. It is recommended to perform a patch test before use. To test, place one drop on the back of your wrist and leave for an hour or more. If irritation or redness occurs, wash the area with olive oil then cold water and discontinue use.

Some essential oils, especially those of the citrus family, may increase your skin’s sensitivity to sun and UV light. If using these oils avoid sunlight and UV light exposure of the treated area for 12-24 hrs.

We do not recommend the ingestion of essential oils except while under the care and direction of a qualified health practitioner.

Please note: If you have underlying health issues please consult with a licensed medical health practitioner. Anyone with the following health issues is advised to contact their health care provider before using essential oil products: Cancer, Epilepsy, High Blood Pressure, the use medications for any other illness not listed here if you are Pregnant or trying to become Pregnant.


Shipping within the State of Iowa is a flat rate of $8 and the rest of the USA $10. Sign up to get the newsletter and follow us on the socials for special free shipping offers throughout the year. Currently we do not offer shipping internationally through the website, but we have been known to make special exceptions for nice folks who email us. Additionally, we are VERY committed to our local customers and offer curbside pick AND free delivery in the city limits of Mount Vernon and Lisbon. 


Kae Apothecary will accept returns and exchanges for 30 days after purchase. Exchanges will be for the equal value of the purchased product and returns will be made in the same manner of original payment. No returns or exchanges for custom blends.


We love to work with other magical small business owners! Drop us a line to learn about our wholesale and stockist program!

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