Kae Community

Céad Míle Fáilte!

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes...to the Kae Community!

Welcome to the Kae Community. Welcome to a circle of old friends, new friends, and friends yet to be. Come on in!

The Kae Community is a tea swirl of personalities, energies and vibrations. Like you, we have made our way to the little shop on the hill, right in the middle of town. Like you, we gather frequently or infrequently, in-person or in the virtual world. We are locals and we are international. We come back or we pass through or we pass by Andrea’s shop at least once a day. 

We are a community of friends who gather:

  • In person
  • In the virtual world
  • In workshops
  • In meditation
  • In ritual
  • In conversation

And we are tied together with The Community Thread.  The Kae Apothecary’s newsletter, sent straight to your door. 

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We are a unique blend of backgrounds, folklore and flavors; each with our own reasons for seeking out the Apothecary. Each of us has our own story. Some begin like this. 

“I can’t remember for sure when it was that I first encountered Andrea’s magic, but at some point I stumbled upon her and her glorious teas.” 

And some stories begin more like this. “When I opened the door, a sense of home and peace greeted me.”

The Kae Community is a brew; a beautiful tea swirl of personalities, energies and vibrations.

Would you like a cup of tea? Pour your way into a conversation, or wander quietly around the shop and let your curiosity swirl, your ideas steep. No doubt you’ll meet Andrea. 

“She is the generous heart of the Apothecary; warm, funny, and refreshingly honest. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious.” 

Like you, we are here because we are interested in the interconnectedness of people and place. We always find something new to read or spark the imagination. We are intrigued by new ways to think about life and we are intent on finding belonging. 

The Kae Community is: 

  • Community
  • Creativity
  • Mindfulness
  • Curiosity

All of us are intensely interested in the magic of this very human experience.

Some call Andrea’s little shop “one of a kind,” and “truly a blessing,” because we always find something delightful and unexpected on the shelves. For so many, the Apothecary has become a spiritual community center; creating a space for others who seek friends, acceptance and encouragement. Where the true magic is in the circle of those around you.

Welcome to the Kae Community. Welcome home.

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A note:

Many of the sentiments above were gathered from members of the Kae Community through social media. Some are referenced directly, and some more obliquely. A heartfelt thank you to all who offered their words. If you have a Kae Community story you’d like to share, please email info@kaeapothecary.com.