Mount Vernon, Iowa

Building Community from Seed to Harvest.

I never had a plan. 

What’s that phrase? “Leap and the net will appear?”  More like, “Leap and the community will catch you.”  That’s what happened. I was looking for a small town where I could raise my daughter outside of the noise of the city and I might as well have blindly dropped my finger on a map. Before I knew it, I was in small town Iowa. 

I didn’t know a soul and wasn’t sure where to start, but the community wrapped its arms around me and the rest, as they say, is history.

Mount Vernon is a Tea Swirl of Magic. 

When you wander down our beautiful main street, you will be met by a collection of creators and magic makers. Sometimes they will be disguised as work-a-day people. They will seem like teachers and shopkeepers, bartenders and bankers. They will look like busy parents hustling their children to school. 

Step into any business and you’ll see the swirl of magic. The barista down the street is brewing delicious coffee, the chef around the corner is melding incredible flavors. 

Mount Vernon is a Blend of Ideas and Opportunities.  

When I wasn’t sure where to start, a latticework of entrepreneurs, artisans, organizers and makers from across the town nourished my efforts to grow Kae Apothecary from the seed of an idea to its harvest. 

Today you’ll find the Apothecary nestled on the rise of the hill, just down from a vibrant college and across from boutique shopping. Blanketed by a kaleidoscope of leaves and flowers, you’ll find yoga studios, couture fashion, hand churned ice cream and local art galleries sitting comfortably between the offices and services of modern living. 

That’s the Magic of Mount Vernon.

The Mount Vernon Community is thriving with:

  • Craft Brewing
  • Locally Sourced Foods
  • Festivals
  • A Farmers Market
  • Dance Studios
  • Bakeries
  • An Acupuncturist
  • Massage Therapy
  • Shopping
  • Chocolates 
  • Wines
  • Stone Fired Pizza

Just a few blocks away is a farmers market that brings out the local and regional stewards of the land. 

Stand around a while and you’ll find yourself with a cup of great coffee and conversation with everyday people who have an eye on the global, all while supporting the local. 

Our mystical little town is filled with political leaders, nature enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, chalk artists, co-workers, colleagues and friends who know what kind of magic can happen when an idea is nurtured. Stay long enough and you’ll no doubt run into a parade or take in a chili cook-off. 

Don’t worry, you won’t need a plan, it will find you.

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