Private Consultation

Find your essential you with a tailored consultation

Essential oils and herbs provide many benefits. From soothing stress to setting an ambiance, learning to use them can enhance your life.

But where to start? We recommend a consultation. Andrea Gorsh, the visionary behind the Kae Apothecary brand, created many of her signature recipes to help with particular problems her friends were facing. Her products are in demand because she knows how to help people.

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What is a consult like?

The most important part is learning about you. We need to know what you’re struggling with, what aspects of your life are causing stress, or ways in which you’d simply like to enhance what you’ve already got going. You can either come by the store or we’ll give you a call or reach out via video chat. Whatever you are most comfortable with!

Mostly, we’ll ask you a lot of questions, listen to you, address your concerns and put together a blend that is just right for you.

Honestly, this is the best part of what we do here at the Apothecary! While we do have MANY custom blends for specific things on our shelves, we understand that each person is unique and may require a little more of this and a little less of that. It’s our PASSION to create blends for each unique individual!

What does a consult cost?

Our consultations are available on a first-come, first-serve basis by appointment only and last approximately 1.50 hours.  Cost is $75 and we will help create a custom herbal blend for you as a complimentary takeaway for your needs. We love talking with our customers, getting to know them and helping them address their specific concerns!

Contact Andrea directly via or stop into the shop to schedule a time.