Weaving Authentic Connections


We are beyond excited to announce a new set of connected workshop sessions designed as a six month extended exploration. The Weaving Authentic Connections series has been designed to allow time for each participant's own roots to grow + to create genuine connections with one another. The idea has been shaped around rooting down into ourselves and planting ourselves close to others, thereby enabling us to rise up together.  Imagine a space where you feel stronger and fortified by new information about the world around you, while creating genuine connections.

Six incredible instructors have come together to create this one of a kind experience.  Weaving Authentic Connections will begin in January 2020 when we gather together for one Sunday afternoon each month centered around a deep discussion on one topic at a time. Each topic is lead by a truly spectacular soul with a great deal of knowledge and experience in their specific area of discussion. 

Due to the inclusive and heart-opening nature of the Weaving Authentic Connections series, participation is limited and participants are required to attend all session dates. We want this series to build genuine connection with group and self. Therefore, these sessions are not designed to be taken in an a la carte fashion and the cost of the series reflects that. To allow for snowy Iowa weather, we will set aside weather-related reschedule dates and will always alert participants as early as possible if a date must change due to weather. 



Randi Thon 

As an intuitive healer and empath who has trained in Native American spiritual practices, Randi is passionate about teaching the power of energy to others. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Healer & Counselor, Ordained Minister, and Massage Therapist.  In January, Randi kicks off the series by helping us Tap into Source Energy.  Expect to grow in your understanding of what it means to really work with the energy that surrounds us.  By working with this energy, we gather better understanding of ourselves, others and the world around us.

Energy is a word commonly used in the metaphysical community to describe the feeling of a place, event, object or person. As we grow into our gifts & understanding of the world around us, so does our understanding and use of energy. Energy may present itself as a hunch, an intuitive knowing, or a "heads up". Often, it is accompanied by a unique physical cue that alerts us to the energies around us. In this session, you will explore your cues while “tapping into Source energy” and key into receiving information or messages through the use of diverse tools and methods. Additional topics discussed will include: being an empath & what that means, understanding energy vampires, and how to protect your personal energy field.

What you can expect: Conversation; not lecture. Sharing makes this more fun and informative for all. Guided meditation(s), working with pendulums, creation of essential oil blends, psychometric & protection exercises will all be part of this afternoon.

Materials for Tapping into Source Energy: Pendulum and Essential Oil Roller 



Cait Lemke-Miltner 

As the Owner and Operator of Clementine, a Plant Based comfort food pop-up restaurant based in Iowa City, you'll benefit from Cait's breadth of knowledge regarding healthy balance.  Using the power of food we eat and approaching a lifestyle focused on optimal health, Cait’s passion is helping others along their path towards well-being. In February, Cait brings us Finding Balance through Ayurveda and gives us the tools to empower our food and lifestyle choices.

In this workshop you will be introduced to Ayurveda - a holistic approach to health that originated in India over 5000 years ago. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda translates to “The Science of Life” and it emphasizes the prevention of illness and maintenance of health through balance in life, healthy eating and right thinking. This system recognizes that each individual possesses a unique constitution - or rather, the individual physical/mental/emotional signature you were born with. Ayurveda is based on the belief that achieving balance and health directly depends on working with the innate energies, or Doshas, that make up your constitution.

What you can expect: You will learn what your own personal constitution (your innate Dosha signature) and about the basic principles of Ayurveda. You will be given tools to empower your food and lifestyle choices which will ultimately lead to a more profound understanding of what works for bringing your body and mind into a state of increased balance and health.

Materials for Finding Balance through Ayurveda: Two week supply of Triphala, Pouch of CCF Herbal Tea & the book Ayurveda Beginners Guide by Susan Weis-Bohlen

Melanie Beauchamp

An eternal student and a possibiltarian, Melanie is incurably curious. Her formal studies include Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as Creative Writing. Her spiritual studies have covered meditation, yoga, intuitive art, dream interpretation, and tarot as well as other divination tools.  Her passion is to help others remember the joy that is their birthright and aid them as they tap into their unlimited potential. Combining her formal studies and intuitive skills, she works collaboratively with individuals to identify and address barriers they face in experiencing the life they deserve.

In March, she brings us
Managing Your Mind and Maximizing Your Intuition.  During our time together, she'll review the science behind mind behavior and exploring ways to better manage the mind to your advantage. By tapping into this understanding, you'll improve your innate intuitive abilities for exploration and growth.  

What you can expect: You will learn how your mind affects your thoughts, emotions and behaviors, as well as what role the brain plays in intuition. The application of this knowledge assisting you in managing your thoughts and growing your confidence in your intuitive abilities. 

Materials for Managing Your Mind and Maximizing Your Intuition: Wearable sound technology and custom audio play list. 


Amy Bishop 

As an artist who has been focused on personal transformation for most of her life, Amy uses art to connect to her inner wisdom. As a SoulCollage® Facilitator, Reiki Master/Teacher, Sacred Activist, modern-day Shaman and intuitive artist, her passion is self-discovery and helping others embrace who they are with love, compassion and non-judgement. In April, Amy will take us on a deep dive into SoulCollage®.

”SoulCollage® is a creative and satisfying collage process. You make your own deck of cards—each collage card representing one aspect of your personality or soul. You can then use the cards intuitively to answer your life’s questions and participate in self-discovery. This is a multi-leveled, creative process which anyone can do. Learn how to access your intuition and create an incredible deck of cards with deep personal meaning that will help you with life’s questions.”

What you can expect: SoulCollage® helps you discover all the beautiful and diverse aspects of your Soul.  Through this process you will learn how to use images to create SoulCollage® cards, and how to communicate with the energy of each card by using the “I am one who…”  process. SoulCollage® is a process that helps you discover and own the totality of who you are, leading to Wholeness and Authenticity. Leave the afternoon with your own set of cards and receive one of the greatest gifts of all – the journey of knowing your True Self.

Materials for SoulCollage®: Supplies for twelve soul cards, and the SoulCollage® book by Seena B Frost. 

Kelli Cerruto

Daily meaningful connection with the Earth is the fuel behind the fire for Kelli.  Her passion is helping others heal and finding both inner and outer radiance through mind, body and soul connections to the natural world around us. Using her knowledge as a Reiki healer and a dynamic yoga instructor, she will walk us through the process of Rooting into Earth Energy.

Our modern society can create a disconnection between us and our natural place in the web of life. Climate-controlled buildings, work days that leave us little time to be outdoors, artificial lighting that confuses the natural rhythms of the body, and screens that are near-constant companions have replaced a profound connection with seasons, moon phases, weather patterns, and the other living creatures on our planet. The whittling away of this connection has been detrimental to us, as well as the Earth. So many of us struggle to feel rooted, safe, or like we belong in deep, meaningful ways. Many of us face depression, anxiety, stress, or a general feeling of isolation and loneliness.

What you can expect: During this session, we will ground into nature through meditation, earthing, pranayama, and other practices that help bring us back into harmonious vibration with Earth. Rewiring the connection to Earth can alleviate negative feelings and understand that we always have a place just for us in this living, breathing system of the natural world.  We will openly discuss daily practices and choices that deepen connection through all the seasons of life.

Materials for Rooting into Earth Energy: Crystal, house plant and the book The Earth Path by Starhawk


Andrea Gorsh

Stepping to the beat of her own drum and walking the path less traveled has led Andrea to her current passion in helping others step into their Authentic Self. She is a Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Instructor and Eclectic Witch who focuses on healing with herbs, divination and energy work. Andrea wraps up the series with Vibrations in the Numbers to connect us with the world around us through a study and understanding of symbols.

Numbers and symbols are all around us and each has its own specific energy signature. Learning how to interpret these messages can guide us in our daily life through decision-making and interactions with others. Opening yourself to message of numbers and symbols will be the first step toward incorporating their vibrations into your life. By learning how to harness the power of these vibrations, you'll fortify your confidence in your intuitive abilities.

What you can expect: Expect to be immersed in the world of Numerology by exploring the vibration of the specific numbers and learning how to use simple Numerology to interpret daily life. We will explore vibrations of the numbers through meditation and dive deep into symbols and sigils by creating your very own in accordance with your own energy pattern. 

Materials for Vibrations in the Numbers: First Edition Numerology Deck created by Andrea and the book Numerology for the New Age by Lynn Buess.



January 19th

February 16th

March 15th

April 19th

May 17th

June 14th



To register, please visit our Schedulicity by clicking HERE.

Cost to attend is $600 and includes all sessions and the materials listed above for each specific session. Down payment of $150 is required to hold your space for this program and individual payment plans can be created by contacting Andrea via email info@kaeapothecary.com

Each participant will also receive a handmade journal and a tote bag.

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