Baby Name Numerology Readings


Your baby’s birth-certificate name reflects their souls pre chosen destiny and what they are here to accomplish in this lifetime. After you have chosen your baby's name, we can take an in depth look at the numbers they will be living through, in order to help you best understand them through their numerical vibrations. If you are having difficulty choosing the “perfect name” we can use the numbers to help guide you. 

It’s important to note that while numerology can help guide in selecting a name, YOUR intuition is the most important aspect in selecting the “perfect name”. 

When we are able to fully understand our children and their pre chosen agendas through numerology, we can be better prepared to guide them through life's lessons. Knowing our children’s numerology can provide valuable information for us in how to best serve them as guardians along life's path. 

During this reading you will learn in depth about your baby's top 5 numerical vibrations. Their Life Path number, the central lessons they will be learning in this lifetime and the conditions they are here to master, and their Expression Number which reveals their natural abilities, talents, and the tools in their toolbox. You will also learn about their Motivation number, the soul's desire and drive, as well as their Personality Number, which can reveal how others will see them and what their instinctive level of consciousness is during this lifetime. And finally, if your baby is already here with us we will talk about their Contact number which tells us what their gifts were at the moment of birth.

These baby name readings are perfect for baby shower gifts too! As such, readings will be scheduled after placing your order for a time that works best for you. 

Each session will include a full interpretation of your baby’s numbers through a virtual zoom session that will be recorded for you to refer back to again and again. In addition to a full color numerology map that you can reference back to over time and keep as a touchstone for the ebbs and flows of your parenting over the years.