Baraka Neti Pot Kit
Baraka Neti Pot Kit
Baraka Neti Pot Kit

Baraka Neti Pot Kit

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This Starter Kit has everything you need to start on a nasal rinsing program, in a recyclable corrugated box. The perfect wellness gift!

What’s in the box:

Handmade ceramic Neti Pot:
Beautiful, handcrafted neti pot is the perfect addition to your morning cleansing ritual, or the answer to your seasonal congestion! Each pot holds 8-10 oz of water, enough to rinse on both sides! (neti pot color varies) 

These neti pots are handmade from start to finish in Santa Rosa, CA. The magic makers at Baraka use only food-safe glazes that are free of lead and other harmful chemicals. The ergonomic design allows for easy rinsing and cleaning!

**Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning**
**Not recommend for microwave use**

This kit includes a 2 oz Mineral Sea Salt Rinse:
**Hand harvested off the coast of Brittany, France
**Maintains the beneficial trace minerals, eliminating the need for buffering

Please familiarize yourself with our disclaimer before you buy.

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