Clay & Botanical Facial Masks - Locust Grove

Clay & Botanical Facial Masks - Locust Grove

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These soothing masks are crafted by Rebecca from Locust Grove Farm and are gentle on skin with botanical ingredients that soften, soothe and tone skin.

Three different options to choose from: 

Green Tea & Clay: For all skin types. French clay helps remove impurities and helps gently exfoliate skin while banana powder and cucumber extract hydrates and soothes. Ingredients: French green clay, cucumber extract, banana powder, green tea extract, matcha powder

Rosehip & Clay: For all skin types, especially dry skin. Gentle kaolin clay purifies skin while rosehip and sea buckthorn infuse skin with vitamin c and polyphenols.
Ingredients: rose kaolin, kaolin, rosehip extract, sea buckthorn extract, banana powder, cucumber extract.

White Willow Bark & Clay: For skin prone to acne or oil rich skin. This blend of clay, charcoal and gentle botanical exfoliating ingredients with soften and soothe inflamed skin. Ingredients: rhassoul clay, pineapple extract, papaya extract, banana powder, cucumber extract, white willow bark extract, charcoal.

How to use: Mix a scant teaspoon of the mask with a small amount of water. Add drops of water until a thin paste forms. Apply to your skin, avoiding your eyes. If your skin is naturally very dry, leave on for 5 minutes then remove with a warm, damp cloth. Moisturize after removal. If you're on the normal to oily side, leave on for 10 minutes, and remove with a warm damp cloth and moisturize after.

A slightly flushed appearance upon removal of a clay based mask is normal. Clay tightens as it dries and enhances circulation, creating a flushed appearance. Safe to use 1-2x a week for most people. If you're particularly sensitive, do a patch test first, and discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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