Common Cold Herbal Tea Blend


Your nose knows what’s just around the corner. The weather turns, the temperature changes, your stress ramps up and brings with it the sniffling, dripping, coughing, achy, stuffy, sleepless nights. Give your nose a break (and your lungs for that matter) with a blend that is designed to help boost your immunity, clear those airways and fight off the common cold.  Bonus? It’s delicious sweet aroma blends with the bright and tart flavors of mint and elderberry to keep you refreshed throughout the day.


Peppermint - Stronger than its spearmint cousin , this green and minty herb leaves a cool lingering flavor on the tongue and can revitalize the muscles, ease pain and open the respiratory system.

Elderberry - Known to be heart healthy, this little berry offers a bright and tart flavor, balanced with an earthy tone and a superstar at helping to boost immunity. 

Yarrow - The pungent powers of this antioxidant date back to the ancient Greeks and their use of this herb to heal wounds. Easing inflammation, clearing congestion, and supporting the digestive tract, its gentle licorice-like aroma is perfect for mixing with something sweet to take the edge off of its earthy and sometimes bitter base.  

Rose Hips - Known to boost the immune system, this tangy subtle flavor is as good on your skin as it is on your heart and joints and is super high in vitamin C!  


Full Size Tin - about 2 cups of herbal tea, depending on your individual tastes, makes between 25-30 cups of tea 

Refill - comes to you in a plant based compostable "plastic" material and is meant to refill your Full Size Tin 

Single Sample - makes about 3 cups of tea, to give it a try and see if you like it