Cottage Witch Body Oils
Cottage Witch Body Oils

Cottage Witch Body Oils

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Wrap your body in magic with these two body oils from the makers at Cottage Witch Botanicals! 


Rose Moon - a super moisturizing and luxurious body oil is best used after bath or shower to retain moisture. Made with organic apricot organic jojoba and organic hemp oil know for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Vitamins A, E and B, known to soothe irritated skin. 

Ingredients: Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Apricot Oil, Rose Geranium essential oil, Organic Rose Buds


Wild Rose - an aroma-therapeutic beauty ritual to calm, soothe and uplift mind + body. The intoxicating aroma of pure Rose Attar + Bulgarian rose absolute will make you feel like a goddess! Massage a small amount into skin. Best if applied directly after showering for improved absorption. Or add a few drops to bath water.

Ingredients: Organic Fractionated Coconut oil, Rose Attar Essential oil, Rose Absolute, Rose Petals

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