Embroidery Tools & Notions


I have been doing embroidery for years, these are just a few of my favorite tools and notions, tried and tested, Head Witch approved. 

Carbon Transfer Paper: Transfer any design with my reusable carbon transfer sheets! These leave a smudge-proof, distinct line for you to follow when you embroider! 

Each pack contains:

  • Four 9" x 12" reusable sheets
  • Complete instructions for use 
  • Free pattern to trace and stitch!

Tracing Stylus: This funny-looking thing is really handy when tracing designs with Carbon Transfer Paper. Let's say you don't want a trail of ink on the pattern you're tracing over, or your pen or pencil tip is dragging on the paper and tearing it. These styluses have a metal, ball-point tip at each end designed for tracing a thin line without leaving a trail of ink! Sooo helpful.


Bee's Wax Thread Conditioner: Strengthens threads and reduces tangling when stitching. I use this on the ends of my floss to help thread the needle when I am working on delicate projects or art work projects. When stitching onto fabric that will be used and abused, think towels, clothing and such, I will condition the whole length of floss. Super handy slit in the top of the case to pull floss through. 


Labels: Here comes some more Sublime Stiching Magic! these labels can be stitched onto your finished projects before gifting! Affix to any hand-stitched or hand-made projects (folded in half and inserted along the seam, or applied flat). 

  • Four, pre-cut, sew-in labels. 
  • Each label measures 3" long x 5/8" wide (7.6 cm x 1.6 cm)
  • Ends are heat-sealed so they won't fray!

We have two options:

  • made with #%&!?* (For every pricked finger, jammed sewing machine, or project gone awry. Satiny, woven labels that say "Made With #%*&!?" ("Made with cussing")