Exploring the Divine Library Paperback

Exploring the Divine Library explores profound insights by way of meditation, past-life regression, channeling, remote viewing, dowsing, automatic writing, and astral projection. Richard Rowe dives deep into spiritual realms and asks profound questions such as, Where does the information for ideas and inventions come from? Where does the information for life reviews and soul lifetime records come from? How is information stored and replayed for the life review process? Where does our soul go when we have out-of-body experiences? Can I access information using remote viewing protocols? Is it possible to use a process similar to remote viewing for basic telepathy?

The author demonstrates how anyone can receive answers from the Divine Library on any number of topics, including life purpose, spiritual connection, telepathic communication, energetic inventions, and living a joyful life. By examining new questions using information gleaned from the library, the book provides a unique perspective of spiritual realms, forming a broader understanding of consciousness and ultimately applying lessons learned.