Mask 100% Donated

Mask 100% Donated

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Months ago, my mom called me and asked what color masks I wanted. Of course, I said black. ♥ 

In the collection of masks that she sent me, she included a few prints, one of which was this Peace Sign print. When I opened the package I thought to myself, "I am literally NEVER going to wear this" and it sat on my counter for months.

Last week, when we had the Peaceful Protest March here in Mount Vernon, I ran across the mask and smiled to myself as this seemed like the PERFECT opportunity to wear this print. I sent a picture of myself before the march to my Mom and she quickly got to work making more with the Peace pattern.

She donated her materials, time and service in making these and we in turn are donating 100% to organizations that need it most right now to help bail folks out who are protesting. 

Free shipping if you only order the mask. 

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