Family Dynamics Numerology Reading


As parents and caregivers, we’ve chosen one of the most important jobs in the world - that of being teachers and guardians of the future generations! 

Through numerology we can look at the family as a whole in order to assist you in not only teaching your kiddo’s everyday life lessons, but also taking a look at the family dynamic as a whole through the lens of numerology. 

It’s important for us to recognize our children as the individual souls they are. Just like us, they are here to learn specific life lessons and to grow and evolve through experience. As their caretakers we may feel that we need to shield them from all life’s challenges, and yet, their life lessons will come in all shapes and sizes. Some of their life lessons will be wonderful, some will be difficult and some will seemingly be devastating - just as we have lived through all of this, they will too. Through the information the numbers provide, we can get a glimpse at how to best serve these little souls through it all. 

During this session we will look at each individual family member's top five numerical vibrations, how they stand alone and how they work together as a family unit. We will talk through each person's Life Path number, and go over their central life lessons they are learning in this lifetime, gaining critical insight to each person's pre chosen challenges. Next we will look at each person's Contact number and talk about the gifts they were given at the moment of birth. Then we will talk through each person’s Expression Number, which reveals their natural abilities that they are growing into in this lifetime and the talents and tools in their toolbox. Lastly we will go over the Motivation number, the soul's desire and drive behind their actions, and each Personality Number, which can reveal how others will see us and what each person's instinctive level of consciousness is during this lifetime. 

These sessions will be provided over zoom and will be recorded for you to reference back to over time. Additionally you will get a full numerical life map for each family member.

 As soon as a session is booked, I will be in touch with you to set up a time that works best in your schedule!