Fire Color Cones by Winter Woods


Experience the beauty and mystery of the northern lights, right in your home or backyard. These fire color cones burn bright blue, green, purple, and red when added to any fireplace or campfire.

A great gift for anyone who owns a fireplace or loves to camp!


A little bit about the Winter Woods Company: Winter Woods was established in 1976 by a man living in the woods of Northern Wisconsin (pictured here 40 years later).  The combination of warm summers and cold winters create some of nature’s most beautiful and unique plant life.  It is this country of slow growing trees with close grained woods that gives us our name, Winter Woods. Our corporate headquarters is located in the heart of the Chequamegon National Forest in Glidden, Wisconsin. Winter Woods Inc. is a unique combination of forest natural products and a truly dedicated staff, delivering the finest quality products and the best service possible. From the first gathering to the final shipping, we work to balance the beauty of nature with the needs of our customers.