Getting Laid

Getting Laid

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Top blogger for country living, Rural Mom, shows us the (actually very easy) way to live a sustainable lifestyle without making ourselves crazy in the process. 

There is no other complete farm-to-table book on the market quite like this one!  

GETTING LAID is four valuable resources in one- 
  • a complete guide to raising chickens
  • a complete guide to gardening
  • a complete guide to preserving 
  • and an extensive farm fresh cookbook.
It's all rolled into one ridiculously-handy reference book for your country, suburban or homestead! 


What initially drew you to the idea of raising chickens, organic gardening and incorporating more sustainable living practices into your lifestyle? 

Are you interested in saving money, eating a more healthy diet, being on trend, going more "green," or saving the planet one plant at a time?  

Whatever the reason, you will find the answers in GETTING LAID

Ask yourself, "Why does even Jennifer Aniston raise chickens in the Hollywood Hills?"

Easy answer - it is extremely cool to raise you own hens. Eat the organic eggs and lie back on feather beds from your own brood.

And what about you? Author Barb Webb believes there's a farm girl in all of us and she helps you find yours!

Our mission is of the utmost importance to ourselves, our environment and our future generations. Our mission is also easy. In fact, it takes less than five minutes to incorporate one sustainable living practice into your life right now but the effect of your action may have an ever-lasting positive impact for the world.  

Don't delay, pick up a copy of this egg-ceptional book and start building your ideal garden today!
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