Heartache Blend Herbal Tea

Heartache Blend Herbal Tea

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A reminder that you are truly loved -- all bundled up in every sip! Our Heartache Blend both supports physical heart health, as well as supports someone feeling sadness during a breakup or other heartache. Motherwort comforts and soothes, but has also been used in natural remedies for hypertension and heart palpitations, nervousness, and anxiety. Hawthorn is known to assist in regulating blood pressure and was historically used for a multitude of heart diseases. [Please check with a doctor before using this tea alongside any heart-specific medications.] We especially love skullcap as it supports the mind during difficult times and we've included roses as soft gestures of love. It's truly a beautiful blend all around and tastes lovely with a bit of honey!


motherwort, rose, hawthorn, cinnamon chips, and skullcap

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