Herbs for Spell Casting
Herbs for Spell Casting
Herbs for Spell Casting
Herbs for Spell Casting

Herbs for Spell Casting

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These herbs can be used in spell bags, placed on your altar or used in candle magic. The sky is the limit with how to use them in your spell casting work! 

Orris Root - good for digging deep into the Moon-ruled subconscious and uprooting what is hidden. Like any Moon herb, it can also be used in divination and dreamwork. Some consider orris root a Venus herb. It is definitely widely used for love magic, and in Hoodoo is known as Love Drawing Herb (and Queen Elizabeth root). 

Devil’s Claw - An herb for strong protective magic. Put in a mojo bag to carry with you for protection. Hang over entry doors to prevent evil from entering. Also makes a great space and home cleanser especially when you’re moving into a new home or have had a lot of people in your home. Use like sage to cleanse. Burn in a dish or even distill in water to make a spray.

Mustard Seed - used to protect against evil, bring good luck, restore virility and aid in love spells.

Patchouli - the leaves must be fermented before they produce the full blast of their scent (this is why this herb should be dark brown). Good for grounding, communicating with Earth Elementals, and doing money spells. As an alleged aphrodisiac, it's great for sex magic. It is protective against negative magic.

Queen of the Meadow - carried in one's pocket or mojo bag to help get a job or a raise. Some use it for obtaining visions by putting the flowers in a glass of water and lighting a white candle. This magic herb is helpful to stop deterioration that leads to complete destruction.

Life Everlasting Flowers - (Helichrysum angustifolium) is used for contacting the spirit world, building psychic powers and healing work.

Balm of Gilead - is said to attract spirits for purposes of necromancy or divination. This herb is also used in Hoodoo to bring together estranged lovers. You can extract the resin by simply filling a jar of the herb with olive oil and letting macerate for a few weeks. This would make a great oil of consecration, which is what it is most often used for, or a perfumed oil good for love magic.

Butchers Broom - used in protection charms. Burning it as an incense is also extremely good for divining by tarot, runes, pendulum, or any other forms of divination as it helps you to access your psychic powers as well as helping you stay calm and focused. Can also be used in poppets, witch bottles, and sachets for protection as well as drawing healing and psychic powers to you.

Lovage - It is believed to give courage in love, it deepens and evokes the genuine feeling and removes any sexual blocks. It also attracts good and reliable friends. It even helps to get a well-paid job, wealth and success.

Chrysanthemums - used for burial rituals and for ancestral altars. The dried flower heads of chrysanthemum can be burned during house blessing ceremonies.

Blood Root -  great for family protection and family luck, typically powdered and sprinkled around the outside of the house. It has strong traditions of Mars protective magic. And can be used to bring tranquility and peace to the home and enhance sex.

Angelica Root - Helps to build creative energy, bringing inspiration and helping new ideas to grow and build a foundation. It is connected to The Empress card in the Tarot and to Venus. 

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