Imbolc Sabbat Collection
Imbolc Sabbat Collection
Imbolc Sabbat Collection
Imbolc Sabbat Collection
Imbolc Sabbat Collection
Imbolc Sabbat Collection
Imbolc Sabbat Collection

Imbolc Sabbat Collection

Regular price $75.00

A few months ago I had a little day dream of gathering witches and creators from across the country. Bringing together a little bit of magic from each of us, and putting together a collection for all of you that celebrates The Wheel of the Year. 

Introducing the first offering in our 2021 Wheel of the Year Sabbat collection, Imbolc. 

In the Imbolc collection we feature the following: 

  • Bee Lit Organics  - hand poured bees wax Imbolc candle 
  • Crooked Crows - Herbal Bitters - Lavender 
  • Little Buddha - CBD Bath Bomb
  • White Owl's Nest - Silence, fixed oil
  • Iron Leaf Press - letterpress Imbolc ritual card
  • Divine Hands - a $50 gift certificate for a virtual palm reading
  • Kae Apothecary - hand crafted Protection Floor Wash & other magical items

Please note that this is not a subscription box. We will release each limited collection as they come throughout the year.  

Each turn of the wheel a new collection will be released celebrating witches, magicians and practitioners from across the country, with a central theme for each Sabbat. All of these magic makers are my dear friends and I am so so so thrilled that they all said YES to being a part of this adventure! Even though we can’t gather together in person safely just yet, we can pool our magic together and send it right to you. I encourage you to follow these folks on FB and IG - they are all wonderful humans with incredible magic to share. 

The Imbolc collection will be released on Monday January 18th and will be ready for pick up or to be shipped to you on January 21st. 

Retail for this collection is $200 - - - Special pricing for our first collection will be $75.00

Please familiarize yourself with our disclaimer before you buy.

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