Immunity Boost Herbal Tea


Today is the right day to take care of you.  Sipped daily around the globe, the ingredients in this blend have been a staple in kitchen and medicinal gardens for centuries. Herbalists know the immune boosting antioxidants of rose hips and calendula blend beautifully with the vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties of elderberry, licorice root and echinacea. Fortify your own immune system with a daily cup of this sweet and tangy blend, because no one has time for a sick-day.


Rose Hips - Known to boost the immune system, this tangy subtle flavor is as good on your skin as it is on your heart and joints and is super high in vitamin C!    

Calendula -  Also known as marigold, this highly versatile, edible flower has a light peppery tang that is full of anti-inflammatories and known to cool the burn inside and out.

Licorice Root - In Sanskrit, this herb is known as  “sweet stick.”  It’s intensely sweet flavor is matched only by its antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support of the lungs and stomach.  

Echinacea - This beautiful flower is making a popular resurgence in the mainstream as we are, once again, realizing the upper-respiratory benefits of this refreshingly meadowsweet herb. 

Elderberry - Known to be heart healthy, this little berry offers a bright and tart flavor, balanced with an earthy tone and is a superstar at helping to boost immunity. 


Full Size Tin - about 2 cups of herbal tea, depending on your individual tastes, makes between 25-30 cups of tea 

Refill - comes to you in a plant based compostable "plastic" material and is meant to refill your Full Size Tin 

Single Sample - makes about 3 cups of tea, to give it a try and see if you like it