Incienso De Santa Fe Incense


Hands down, one of the best selling incense we have every carried at the Apothecary and it's FINALLY BACK!! 

Hand crafted by Kelly and her family in Albuquerque, MN for years and it smells incredible. 

For those of you who grew up with a wood burning fire place you will LOVE this product as it brings the feeling of that back! 

The sample pack offers 10 Bricks of each of the seven unique natural wood fragrances for a total of 70 pieces. The sampler pack also includes a small holder too. This set is perfect if you haven't yet chosen a favorite scent or for those who want to try something new every time you burn a brick. 

We also have the following in 20 packs, so if you DO find a favorite you can stock up on just that wood. 

  • Cedar
  • Pinon
  • Hickory
  • Alder
  • Fir Balsam