Kae Tea Leaves


I am so excited that we FINALLY have our best selling tea leaves tinned up and ready for you! A few years ago, when we had the tea bar in the shop we offered several tea leaves and folks really loved them. 

Here are our faves - grab a tin now and come back for a refill! 

Cloud Nine - This leaf comes from our friends at Gong Fu Tea in Des Moines. It's a green tea blended with strawberry, rhubarb, and raspberry. It's fresh, fruity taste will overtake you and whisk you away to a better place.  - 1 Ounce Tin

Earl Grey - the smoky taste of black tea and organic bergamot oil create a delicate, aromatic beverage. - 2 Ounce Tin

Jasmine Green - this delicate loose leaf green tea is infused with fresh jasmine flowers. Floral, quite dry & of medium body, & absolute sensual pleasure to drink. - 2 Ounce Tin

Silver Needle - Another fave from our friends at Gong Fu - this is the finest of the White teas. This tea is comprised only of fresh-picked buds from China's Yunnan Province, and produces a delicate flavor with a long and balanced sweetness. White tea is naturally low in caffeine and high in antioxidants. - 1.5 Ounce Tin

WUYI SHAN TI KWAN YIN - the last of our faves from Gong Fu - this tea leaf comes from Wuyi Mountain - the legendary home of Kwan Yin (the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy). It is a moderately-oxidized Oolong (Wulong), and yields a heavy aroma and fruity fragrance. It can be steeped many times without becoming bitter. - 3.5 Ounce Tin

Mint Chocolate - this organic mint chocolate mate is a refreshingly smooth blend that has just the right amount of kick. Think peppermint patty in a cup! The initial bright minty flavor and aroma transforms into a delightful combination of mate and cacao. A satisfying cup of tea that could easily be considered a dessert. - 1.5 Ounce Tin

Vanilla Black - the flavor of this vanilla black tea is intoxicating. A blend of organic Assam tea from India, organic elder flowers, and organic vanilla flavoring. The crisp aroma and deep invigorating flavor of this tea is filled with pure vanilla bliss! - 2 Ounce Tin

Orange Spice - A Ceylon tea blend with just the right ingredients to give toasts to. A marvelous way to savor the serenity of an evening's peace is to brew up a cup of this fine tea, sit back and relax. A very robust and fragrant tea blend includes orange peel, cinnamon chips and clove. - 2 Ounce Tin