Keto Seed Cereal

Keto Seed Cereal

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While we are not a “health food” store, we are SUPER excited to be carrying a few of my favorite Keto things!

This Keto Seed Cereal is literally my FAVORITE way to start the day! All you do is mix equal parts of each of these ingredients + add some boiling water and viola – hot Keto cereal that is super high in fiber and protein! This kit includes the following:

  • Chia Seeds - 1lb
  • Hemp Seeds - 8 oz
  • Shredded Coconut - 12 oz   (we have an option without Coconut too) 
  • Ground Flax - 16 oz

There are so many ways to fancy it up too! Add Coconut Manna – Cacao Powder (literally tastes like Malt O Meal) or a scoop of Protein powder and you have the power to make it different every day! Check out our other Keto products – we have all of these things on the website too!

(I also add a sugar substitute to my bowl of hot goodness every day too! We do not carry sugar substitute)

Please familiarize yourself with our disclaimer before you buy.

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