Little Buddha Soap
Little Buddha Soap
Little Buddha Soap

Little Buddha Soap

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These soaps are handcrafted with love & care by our friend Daisy, the magic maker of Little Buddha. 


Winter Wanderlust:  Bring the deep natural and fresh aroma into your home with this invigorating clean scent. This winter wanderlust soap is filled a deep sense of finding your true north. Ingredients : goats milk soap base, rose flowers, blue corn flowers petals, peppermint & bergamot essential oils.

Winter Forest: Bring in the aroma of a woody & minty goodness. The goats milk soap will keep your skin soft & hydrated. Ingredients: goats milk soap base, organic spirulina peppermint, spearmint, pine & frankincense essential oils.

Fresh with Activated Charcoal: This soap has the unique inclusion of activated charcoal which has a diverse array of healing properties that can aid in the development of healthy skin. The charcoal has the capability of detoxifying your body in order to rid of any harmful characteristics that currently reside. It is mixed with a refreshing lemongrass smell that relaxes you while the goat’s milk and charcoal do their jobs. It is created using organic materials including an organic goats milk soap base, natural activated charcoal, and essential oils. 

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