Little Buddha Soaps


These soaps are amazing for physically cleaning your body and for their energetic qualities as well! 

Sage Clearing - clears your aura of any negative energy that exists leaving you with an entirely more positive state. This relaxing soap is a great way to start your day because it provides you with a clean slate that gives you a peace of mind and alleviates any qualities that aren’t leading toward you living your life to its fullest potential. The sage clearing blend is handmade using the ingredients of an organic goats milk soap base, white organic sage, lavender and clary sage essential oils.

Fresh & Activated Charcoal Goats MilkThis soap has been a best seller here at the shop, it has the unique inclusion of activated charcoal which has a diverse array of healing properties that can aid in the development of healthy skin. The charcoal has the capability of detoxifying your body in order to rid of any harmful characteristics that currently reside. It is mixed with a refreshing lemongrass smell that relaxes you while the goat’s milk and charcoal do their jobs. It is a great soap for face, hands and body. It is created using organic materials including an organic goats milk soap base, natural activated charcoal, and essential oils.