Locust Grove Dry Hair Oil

Dry Oil is a blend of oils that penetrate the skin versus sit on top of skin leaving it feeling greasy. Apply two or three pumps of this specially blended oil after a shower or bath on damp skin. It penetrates quickly and deeply, leaving you silky smooth and hydrated.

You can also use a small amount in damp hair to moisturize and defrizz or apply generously to dry hair as an oil treatment to wash out at your next shampoo.

Wild Geranium -  is an aromatic blend of lavender, geranium and sweet orange essential oil. Wild Geranium is a very fresh and sweetly floral fragrance.

Peru Balsam & Lavender - This dry oil is a softer and more mild aroma. The herbaceous and slightly floral aroma of copiaba and fir balsam, a very soft and sweet vanilla like aroma with a hint of a pine forest. And now comes in a 2 ounce pump too!

Unscented - no added aroma, great for those who use other perfumes or are sensitive to aromas. Especially great for new moms! Customize the aroma based on your mood by adding a few drops of your own essential oil.

Housed in a 4 ounce glass bottle with pump.