Magic Mud Silver Toothpaste



You can now enjoy a premium charcoal toothpaste that is mess-free, enamel-safe, and flavored to perfection. Magic Mud's advanced formula is creating unparalleled results.

Imagine a luxurious brushing experience that delights your senses and nourishes your mouth with the most efficacious ingredients from Mother Earth.

This advanced formula is made with a Magical Mint™ elixir that freshens your breath and uplifts your senses. Enjoy the natural foaming power of this paste that purifies and cleanses the entire mouth.


  • Naturally foams

  • Whitens teeth

  • Nanosilver neutralizes oral acids

  • Freshens breath

  • Provides a dentist like clean

  • Made with mineralizing theobromine

  • Exceptional minty flavor

  • Fluoride-free. Glycerine-free. SLS-free. Toxic-free