Modern Mystics


Increasing comprehension of your unique design opens the door for compassion and personal growth. When you develop a healthy dynamic within, you change your relationship with anxiety. You alter your personal narrative by flooding your system with understanding.

Kae Apothecary’s Andrea Gorsh and Madison Joy of Truth Amplified are joining together their passions for numerology and modern palmistry with a brand new offering; a unique opportunity to establish heightened compassion and self-understanding through personalized consultations and customized gatherings. 

Modern Mystics are delivering genuine magic to your space of choice utilizing interdisciplinary techniques: Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot and Astrology. Together they highlight avenues of insight emphasizing the interconnectivity between each modality. This unique approach allows for in-depth exploration of your soul design or family dynamic. 


"We aim to spark transformation during our sessions. When you sit with us, consider it a genuine invitation to drop into your body – to ask yourself, “What do I feel?” We imagine everyone sinking deeply into the comforting rhythm of their own laughter by discovering what it takes to arrive there, at heart center, again and again.

We want people to remember, after all, there exists a beautiful space where mysticism and science meet. This is where predictive “fortunetelling” is a relic of the past and non-predictive, qualitative, psychological benefit prevail."    - Andrea & Madison 


A gathering for Insight:

Spend time with your favorite people and add a dash of wonder. Andrea and Madison provide a personalized, integrated session for you with expertise in Numerology, Palmistry, non-predictive Tarot and Astrology. This is an opportunity to expand awareness and self-understanding in a fun, nurturing environment. For gatherings of up to 6 people. 

111/person - Guests take home a detailed numerology report and custom handprints with notes as well as an elemental ritual bag. Add this option to your cart and we will contact you to set up the date/time and payment options. 


Deepening your practice:

Craft a personalized experience for your special friend group of up to 10 people. Choose your own adventure. What healing modalities or modern mystical practices would you like to learn more about? You may choose to explore intention-setting and spellcasting, non-predictive tarot and oracle card-reading, vision board creation, intuitive artwork, crystal grid design, hand reading, handprint-making and so much more.

45/person base price, select up to two subjects below to customize your experience! All tools, supplies are included in the prices below. Guests will also receive an elemental ritual bag. Add this option to your cart and we will contact you to share detailed information for each option, set up the date/time and payment options. 

  • Sigil Creation 30/person
  • Vision Boarding 30/person
  • Intuitive Writing 30/person
  • Bibliomancy 30/person
  • Cartomancy 40/person
  • Crystal Grids 40/person
  • Spell Casting 40/person
  • Herbal Tea Crafting 40/person
  • Candle Magic 40/person
  • Intuitive Art 50/person

Ritual and Ceremony Consultation and Preparation:

Crafting and creating ritual is deeply personal, sacred and unique. Step into the circle with Andrea and Madison to plan your next:

  • Handfasting
  • House Blessing
  • Birth Celebration
  • Graduation
  • Divorce 
  • Birthday
  • And any life ritual in between

Free 30 minute consultation, services range from 125 - 375. Add this option to your cart and we will contact you to set up the date/time and payment options. 


All offerings are highly personalized, add to your cart and after checkout we will contact you to craft your custom Modern Mystic experience.