Moon Soaps
Moon Soaps
Moon Soaps
Moon Soaps

Moon Soaps

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Add another layer of energy to your bath spell crafting with these crystal infused soaps! 

Super Moon with Tigers Eye -  A Super Moon happens when the Moon comes closer to the Earth in its elliptical orbit. When the full Super Moon illuminates the skies there is an intensification of lunar energy. Embrace the power within and prepare yourself for great things! Tiger’s Eye gem helps release fear and inspire action. PROSPERITY • MENTAL CLARITY • LUCK

New Moon with White Agate - The moon aligns with Earth and sun in perfect celestial order a crescent sliver of light illuminates the darkness. Untold adventures and new beginnings are taking shape as refreshed dreams emerge from the subconscious to become reality. Ground your hopes and visions with a beautifully banded agate stone that inspires confidence and bold action. HAPPINESS • JOY • NEW BEGINNINGS 

Dark Moon with Black Agate -  With the lunar face hidden from sight, the intuitive part of the self takes over. This is a time for rest and renewal as lessons learned become the wisdom needed for new beginnings. Take time and connect to the mystery of life with a grounding agate stone featuring dreamy bands of minerals balanced in nature’s perfect symmetry. RENEWAL • COURAGE • REFLECTION

Blue Moon with Amber - Although there is no formal significance attached to the blue moon in modern Wiccan and Pagan religions, many people treat it as an especially magical time due to its rarity. Let the winds of change fill your sails. Amber gems are formed by fossilized tree resin and balance both body and mind. BEAUTY • BALANCE • GRACE


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