PMS Herbal Tea Blend


Bills, classes, kids, spouses, traffic and busy, busy, busy. Today’s modern woman would have every reason to see PMS as an inevitable agitation that only signals the onset of a monthly nuisance. If we could only stop, sit and sip, we might hear the wisdom in the whispers of the ancestors. Those warrior women, crones, grandmothers and Gaia, knew that moontime was an essential, and mystic time of cleansing and renewal. They also knew it wasn’t easy. Crafted to help sooth your mind, ease your body and walk with you through this time of renewal, this soothingly sweet and woodsy blend is intended to soften your nerves, ease your pain and help you find balance in this sacred time. 

Sip slowly and keep breathing.


Motherwort - Use of motherwort to protect the heart, reduce anxiety and soothe pain dates as far back to the early Greeks, where they gave this bitter herb to comfort new and expecting mothers, giving the herb its name.

Dandelion Leaf - This unassuming little green is actually a superfood; beating out the benefits of both spinach and kale. An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, packed with calcium and fiber, Dandelion Leaf is known for its abilities to boost the immune system while regulating the blood sugars.

Spearmint - Cooling and sweet, but mellower than peppermint, the Greeks described this herb as having a fragrance capable of reanimating the spirit. In addition to boosting energy, Spearmint is known as a digestive aid, supporting gut health and regularity. This anti-inflammatory herb is also known to stimulate blood flow, sharpen the memory and support circulatory wellness.

Skullcap -  Scary name, soothing effect. Skullcap is a member of the mint family, but doesn't sport the sweet flavor of it's cousin. An earthy, veggie-like flavor packed with antioxidants and great for easing anxiety and muscle tension. 

Oat Straw - Naturally sweet, and incredibly nourishing, with a high calcium content and properties known for calming the nervous system and nourishing circulation.

Valerian - Nature's warm blanket, Valerian is known to soften muscle tension, ease anxiety and relieve the pain of menstrual cramps. Distinctly woodsy and sweet, Valerian has been used for its calming effect that supports a healthy sleep cycle, but doesn't leave you drowsy the next day.