Prairie Majesty Oracle
Prairie Majesty Oracle
Prairie Majesty Oracle

Prairie Majesty Oracle

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SO SO SO excited to have this deck in the shop! We backed it on Kickstarter last year sometime, you know I love to help artists on Kickstarter. Bonus that Kara Simons is also located right here in Iowa! (you can read more about her a little further down) 

The Prairie Majesty Oracle is absolutely beautiful, with empowering messages from prairie flora, fauna, and elements. Using the prairie ecosystem as a model, each card message reflects how animals, plants, and even elements contribute to harmony and balance for all by showing up as their authentic and empowered selves.


  • 48 Cards with rose gold edging (includes 44 Category Cards featuring open-ended question and theme verb, plus 4 bonus Celestial Cards);

  • Full-Color Guidebook with instructions, interpretation suggestions, and room for notes (132 pages);

  • Rigid two-part box with thumb cutouts


Lives in central Iowa with her husband and daughters. While she loves being a stay-at-home mom, she also enjoys her work as a part-time attorney. Inspired to explore other creative outlets, she founded Joyful Resonance, LLC as a platform for tools designed to help people amplify their inner wisdom. She is passionate about empowering others to access and trust not only their own higher guidance but also the help available from the spiritual realm. Kara writes, "I have the utmost respect for your individual journey and encourage you to discern what resonates with your personal belief system."

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