Sally Ander Soaps
Sally Ander Soaps
Sally Ander Soaps

Sally Ander Soaps

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A favorite brand of Apothecary Community Members over the years, Sally Ander makes INCREDIBLE products! 

Here are three new soaps for all the folks! 

Black Soap - has been used for centuries in West Africa and has now become popular all over the world for its skin-supporting benefits. This formula uses plant-sourced oils, plant-based purifying charcoal. It benefits all types of skin and makes a multi-purpose bar for your face and hair and the skin on your scalp, hands, and body. For all skin types. 

Ingredients butter blend (cupuacu, cocoa, shea), charcoal powder, carrot oil and beeswax

Gardeners Hand Soap - Made from soap scraps and cornmeal, this bar can cut through any stain. Rich in glycerin, it won’t dry out your hands, body, or clothing. Known to remove stains from grass, food, bubble gum, blood, grease, grape juice, mildew, printer ink, and many more annoyances! Ingredients: Combination Of Sally Ander Scraps And Cornmeal

Pine Tar & Nettle - Pine Tar & Nettle Shampoo may not sound like a miracle treatment for dandruff, but have faith, in fact, that’s exactly what it is. Dandruff is caused by flaky scalp skin that has become irritated and inflamed or may have some form of dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis. Pine tar has been used for several decades to fight the bacterial and fungal causes of dandruff. When paired with nettle, it relieves the itching and soreness of psoriasis while it maintains softness and shines gently and naturally. Sallye Ander Pine Tar & Nettle Shampoo is one of the most effective treatments you can find for dry, flaky, oily scalp and the end result will be shiny, healthy hair. Our great-smelling bar is super convenient to carry, no bottle, no fuss. For dandruff. Ingredients olive oil blend, pine tar, lemongrass, and nettle powder.

How to Use
Apply bar directly hair in a circular motion to create lather Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if desired. Avoid eye contact.

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