Sandalwood Wood Chips

Sandalwood Wood Chips

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Sandalwood has a number of magical applications, and they tend to vary depending on which religious group you’re looking at.

In many traditions of modern Paganism, it is associated with healing and purification.  It can also be used to consecrate ritual tools before ceremony. Additionally it's associated with the Root Chakra. Burning the incense can help with issues related to self-identity, security and stability, and trust.

A few forms of folk magic associate it with both business and protection magic. You can also use pieces of the wood in spellwork - write your intent on a chip or stick of sandalwood, and then place it in a cauldron to burn. As your sandalwood burns, your intent, or wish, will be carried up to the heavens on the drifting smoke. 

Includes: 1 packet of raw sandalwood chips, .35 oz.

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