Coffee Beans from Local FUEL art and espresso
Coffee Beans from Local FUEL art and espresso
Coffee Beans from Local FUEL art and espresso
Coffee Beans from Local FUEL art and espresso
Coffee Beans from Local FUEL art and espresso
Coffee Beans from Local FUEL art and espresso
Coffee Beans from Local FUEL art and espresso
Coffee Beans from Local FUEL art and espresso

Coffee Beans from Local FUEL art and espresso

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Everyone's favorite local coffee shop, FUEL art and espresso, keeps us fueled with quality coffee beans from Small World Coffee. Now you can order these beans through our website!

Each bag of coffee is 12 oz.

Grumpy Monkey

Bold, Bright, Spicy

This robust blend of winey Tanzanian Peaberry and spicy-rich Papua New Guinea delivers a full-bodied and flavorful cup. The name was inspired by Brant's (co-founder) tattoo of an ancient Aztec symbol, and we were dying to use it before we opened our first café. A worthy namesake was finally discovered when we developed this audacious blend.

Black & Tan

Smoky, Butterscotch

We love the flavors that develop when you roast to the point of full caramelization, but sometimes we have to take it to the dark side. This bi-chromatic blend of 50% dark-roasted, smoky-earthy Mexican Oaxaca and 50% rich, full-bodied Sumatra makes for a mighty tasty cup.

House Blend

Complex, Symphonic, Vibrant

This is the one they line up for every morning: a Colombian and Sumatran based blend with a heavy body and enough acidity to cut through the milk in a cappuccino. It makes a robust cup of Joe as well. We're always tweaking our House Blend, there can be anywhere from five to seven different countries of origin in our blend: right now we have six. No matter what beans are currently making the cut, we constantly taste it in the cafes and out at the lab to make sure the flavors balance. Our Colombian Reserva del Patron always makes up the bulk of the blend; it provides a smooth, rounded body. A big dose of Sumatran provides the earthy tone and long-lasting finish we look for in our espresso. A little bit of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe gives it enough acidity to really pop, and provides the sweet, slightly lemony flavors.

Indie Blend

Chocolate, Caramel, Body

If you're looking for a smooth, easy drinking coffee with lots of body, then this is for you. Our Indie blend features three Indonesian coffees to give you a full sampling of what the region has to offer. Washed Papua New Guinea gives a smooth and balanced flavor, naturally processed Sumatran is deep and earthy, and Java finishes off the blend with a bittersweet chocolate.

Love Blend

Smooth, Harmonious, Earthy

Sometimes, blending coffees can be tricky. Beans that seem like they would work well together on paper just don't play nice in the cup. But sometimes, everything just works exactly the way you want. The combo of Papua New Guinea, Sumatran, and Guatemalan was love at first sip. The Love blend has a ton of body and smoothness, and just a little bit of sweet acidity to keep it interesting. Papua New Guinea makes up the majority of this blend, and has a clean flavor and long finish. Our naturally processed Sumatran provides dark fruit characteristics, and Guatemalan Antigua lends sweetness and cocoa to the blend.

Rocket Blend

Bodacious, Bittersweet

If you're looking for an espresso alternative to our house blend, this is for you. This blend is sweet and smooth, packing plenty of flavor and complexity and a dry cocoa finish. Whether you're using it as straight espresso or brewed coffee, it makes a great launchpad for your day. A big dose of Papua New Guinea makes up the backbone of this blend, Guatemalan gives it its chocolate flavors and rounds out the middle, and just a little bit of naturally processed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe provides brightness and blueberry notes.

Decaf House

Elegant, Velvety, Pure

When we set out to develop a decaf version of our house blend, we knew we would have to find beans that could stand up to the decaffeination process without losing their unique varietal flavors. We focused on the duo of washed Colombian and naturally processed Sumatran, letting the smooth and bright acidity of Colombian and earthy body of Sumatra play off each other in big, bold strokes. Decaffeinated using the chemical-free Swiss Water Process, our Decaf House Blend keeps 99% of its flavor while losing 99% of its caffeine. It's formulated for both brewed coffee and espresso, so you can try our decaf any way and any time you like.

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