Stress Less Herbal Tea Blend

  1. Enough said.  

Ok, maybe a little more. Sometimes your daily practice of yoga and meditation is not enough to stave off the stress of those major life events. Ease those grinding teeth, soothe tense muscles, increase blood flow, infuse the memory and immune system with this full-flavor, warm and nutty blend. 

Sip. Keep calm and carry on.



Astragalus - Safeguard your immune system and defend your delicate lungs with this nutty and sweet herb. Especially known for its anti-aging properties, Astragalus elevates stamina and staves off allergies.

Skullcap -Scary name, soothing effect. Skullcap is a member of the mint family, but doesn't sport the sweet flavor of it's cousin. An earthy, veggie-like flavor packed with antioxidants and great for easing anxiety and muscle tension.

Damania - With a long history of use as an aphrodisiac, even the ancient Mayans knew that this little yellow flower could light a spark and keep it burning. With a chamomile-like aroma, this herb has a slightly bitter flavor behind its heart healthy façade.

Gingko Leaf - A woodsy, autumnal and delicious way to ease muscle soreness and increase blood flow for healthy heart and lungs.
Holy Basil - You're not going to find this little leaf in your momma's marinara! Holy Basil is native to India where it is referred to as "the incomparable one." Filled with iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin's A and C, antidepressant and antianxiety properties, these little purple flowers are known to protect against infection, support heart health and ease joint pain. 

Full Size Tin - about 2 cups of herbal tea, depending on your individual tastes, makes between 25-30 cups of tea 

Refill - comes to you in a plant based compostable "plastic" material and is meant to refill your Full Size Tin 

Single Sample - makes about 3 cups of tea, to give it a try and see if you like it