Sublime Lettering Embroidery Patterns
Sublime Lettering Embroidery Patterns
Sublime Lettering Embroidery Patterns

Sublime Lettering Embroidery Patterns

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Hands down one of my favorite modern pattern makers! These pattern kits include:

  • Iron on transfer (can be used multiple times) 
  • Instructions on "how to" iron the transfer to fabric 
  • Quick start embroidery guide to get you started! 

There are so many to choose from! 


Dainty Days: La, la, la...what day is it? Wait, lemme check my underwear. Yep! It's Tuesday! Thank goodness for days-of-the week embroidery patterns. These are reminiscent of gramma's, but the dagger option will make guests do a double-take.

Monograms: Classic-but-cool monogram lettering for hand embroidery! What is more unique than you and your initials? Or maybe you want to embroider reams of poetry and sayings? That works, too! 

Skinny Letters: Lovely lettering to say something sweet! Don't worry about lining them up perfectly, these letters look best when they are slightly off-kilter and dance around. The PDF version includes a bonus "Hello You" design! Letters measure approximately 1 1/2" tall.

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