Tarot "de Marseille" deck: Jean Noblet Tarot reproduction (1659)



An absolutely gorgeous restoration of the oldest Tarot "de Marseille" deck by creator Joseph H. Peterson. A must have for the tarot deck collector and a beautiful deck for all Marseille readers! 

This reconstruction preserves the original art as much as possible, restoring colors to the original state, and repairing damage.

79 cards:
* Reproduction of the 73 original surviving cards
* Missing 6-10 of swords carefully reconstructed
* Supplemental Bateleur card with optional correction (wand restored)
* Printed on high-quality modern cardstock, it is very durable and easy to shuffle and handle
* NOTE: Like the original cards, the corners are square

The oldest Tarot "de Marseilles" survives in a single deck only, preserved in the Bibliothèque nationale de France, dated 1659. Produced in Paris (Faubourg Saint-German section) by "Jean Noblet." Like the original in the museum, this reproduction is smaller than most tarot decks (2.45 x 3.95 inch or 62x100 mm), but slightly larger than a standard poker deck.