The Ride or Wait Tarot Deck
The Ride or Wait Tarot Deck
The Ride or Wait Tarot Deck
The Ride or Wait Tarot Deck

The Ride or Wait Tarot Deck

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Another Kickstarted deck has arrived! The Ride or Wait deck is so unique and the more I look at this artwork, the harder I fall in love!

Here is a bit from the original Kickstarter page to give you some insight into this one of a kind Tarot deck.




Have you ever heard that if you are having a hard time deciding between two things you should flip a coin? Because as soon as you throw the coin in the air you’ll be able to feel which outcome you’re pulling for. For people without a spiritual/witchy/cosmic draw to tarot, the cards can work a bit like that. An external way to explore the internal things that you are struggling with.

We value tarot as a social tool and believe it can be both deeply solemn and also casual and fun, as long as it is respectful. The Ride or Wait Tarot comes out of the creators  different levels of experience with tarot. This deck is for all experience levels and spiritual (or not) practices.

The name and concept for the deck is inspired by the fact that most people turn to tarot when they find themselves asking “oh god, what should I do?” 

Santiago and Megan have developed a deck to help you decide: Ride! Or Wait?

The Ride or Wait Tarot updates Pamela Coleman Smith’s art and Edward Waite’s studies for a modern world of constant decisions that bridge the daily and mundane (“should I cancel dinner plans?”) and the deeper stuff (“am I repeating a toxic pattern?”). The symbology doesn't wander far from the classic Rider Waite-Smith deck but has some cultural updates. This deck can happily live in your purse, tote bag, winter coat pocket, or bedside table, within reach for any moment you ask yourself “ride or wait?"

The Ride or Wait Tarot comes with a booklet to aid your interpretation written by Santiago. That's right, you'll get Santiago's wisdom in your pocket when you sneak out to the bathroom to draw a card about that weird vibe you felt, or to help you navigate that ten card spread about your career, or when you're unearthing questions about your love life with a simple three card spread.

A page of the booklet might look like this:

When the Seven of Wands comes up in a reading ask yourself:

  • Whose voice is being heard the most?
  • How is power being used?
  • Who/what is silencing? Who/what is being silenced? This may be you silencing aspects of yourself—it often is both internal and external.
  • What needs to be advocated for?

When it is upright:

  • Where am I being called to action?
  • Where should I become more vulnerable?
  • What do I need to bring to fruition?

When it is reversed:

  • How am I misusing my own power?
  • Is there a me versus them mentality?
  • Is there a situation where someone needs to step down and let other voices be heard? This could be because they're exhausted and they need to retreat to a place of being cared for.

These questions are intended as aids and prompts to your own interpretation based on your intuition and your experience of the card's illustrations.

Please familiarize yourself with our disclaimer before you buy.

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