Turmeric Fire Cider


Turmeric fire cider is a unique twist on a time-honored folk recipe and includes wellness-supporting ingredients like turmeric root, ginger root, and black peppercorns. Turmeric fire cider makes an enlivening addition to salad dressings, bean dishes, stir fries, and marinades. Equally enjoyable by the spoonful or shot glass full, this fire tonic version will soon become a kitchen staple for its delicious flavor and wellness-supporting properties.

A long-established herbal remedy, fire cider is a blend of healthful botanical ingredients that is both spicy and sweet. Like the herbalists that create them, each rendition of this time-honored recipe is slightly different and an expression of personal creativity. Steeped in decades of tradition, fire cider is a tempting apple cider vinegar-based tonic to support general wellbeing throughout the year and is an especially useful ally during the cooler, wetter seasons.

Organic apple cider vinegar, organic honey, organic turmeric root, organic ginger, organic garlic, organic onion, organic horseradish root, and organic cracked black pepper.